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Luma what?

Mindmaps are a classic for generating concepts and discovering new ideas. They're fantastic for making you think laterally and get out of your "box"

The problem with traditional mindmaps is you can only put down ideas that are already in your head. Luma7 changes all that!

And the name "Luma" comes from the french Lumière, or Lumen, which means light..
Luminous > Light > bright ideas.. Got it?
It's also 7 because Seven is an awesome number!

Easy as ABC

Luma7 is like questioning the entire universe to find great ideas. It fully adapts to my creative process and it's what I think future creative tools will be.
Hugo Passarinho, Art Director
Using Luma7 for my projects is like brainstorming with a 1000 people at the same time!
Nelio Barros, Graphic designer
I was looking for ideas around "coffee" and got some really interesting results.. Things I would have never thought of.
Maria Romirer, Graphic designer
Luma7 helps me connecting the dots between my ideas and the inspiration of the world. Pure serendipity for my mind
Jérémie Fontana , Graphic designer